Criminal Justice MajorA Criminal Justice Major teaches students about the legal and corrections systems in the United States. Through traditional on-campus studies, or through one of the top online criminal justice degree programs, students learn about the principles of preventing and punishing crimes, and ethics related to field. The programs commonly blend a liberal arts education with fundamental instruction in criminal justice.

Examples of criminal justice major course topics include criminal investigation, forensic law, psychology, constitutional law, criminology, criminal procedure, and juvenile justice. Students also develop strong problem-solving and observation abilities. Some criminal justice major programs enable students to specialize in a certain area of criminal justice, such as law enforcement, corrections, juvenile justice, cyber crime, and crime scene investigation. Many bachelor’s degree programs require students to participate in internship experiences where they work in a criminal justice setting to gain course credit. Students can benefit from a degree in criminal justice, as they are qualified to perform a variety of public services. They are prepared for various careers in law enforcement, corrections, court administration, and related areas. Many individuals also use the degree to pursue advanced education programs.

Details of the Criminal Justice Major Programs

When students are looking into the criminal justice major, they should weigh a variety of aspects because some programs are more fitting than others. Accreditation is the most essential factor, because if a school is accredited it shows that it has met certain standards to offer superior education programs. A post-secondary institution’s ranking is also important and many highly regarded organizations, like the U.S. News and World Report, rank colleges and universities based on many different characteristics. The cost of tuition and fees, program details, concentrations offered, length of programs, qualifications of instructors, course delivery, and availability of educational resources are among other valuable features to consider.

Examples of schools that offer top criminal justice programs include the City University of New York, Arizona State University, and Johnson and Wales University. The City University of New York offers three criminal jus