Top 10 Best Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

Top 10 Best Online Criminal Justice Degree ProgramsCriminal Justice degrees cover a lot of ground, applicable to jobs in the fields of law enforcement, corrections, and law. The field of law enforcement alone is burgeoning with the FBI and Homeland Security growing every year. One of the major strengths of an online Criminal Justice Degree is its versatility.

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1. American InterContinental University - BS
2. Ashford University - BA
3. Post University - BS
4. Walden University - MS

Ranking the Top 10 Best Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

Listed here are online criminal justice degree programs from some very high quality schools, including two of the top state universities in the country and some very prominent private universities. All schools are regionally accredited, meaning an online Criminal Justice Degree from any one of these schools will be nationally recognized as valid and trustworthy, and will likely lead to a great variety of promising Criminal Justice Careers.

Tiffin University: Bachelor of Criminal Justice

Executive Summary: Founded in 1888, Tiffins has a strong academic tradition of providing students with practical education. Tiffin is devoted to student success and has created many partnerships for that purpose. These partnerships provide competitive internship and employment opportunities to students and graduates.

Tuition: Tuition for the Bachelor of Criminal Justice program at Tiffin is $425.00 per credit toward an online Criminal Justice Degree.

Unique Features: Tiffin has a strong emphasis on expediting degree completion for students with two or more years of coursework under their belt already. The degree can be completed part time in roughly two years making this is a good option for those looking to complete a degree in a timely manner while working full time.

University of Massachusetts: Bachelor of Arts, Criminal Justice Concentrations

Executive Summary: The University of Massachusetts (UMass) is one of the most recognizable names in higher education and one of the United States’ most prominent public universities. The school offers highly competitive rates for their online programs along with extensive program selection at every level of higher education.

Tuition: Tuition for the BA, Criminal Justice Concentration program at UMass $385.00 per credit.

Unique Features: The BA with Criminal Justice concentrations is focused on meeting the increased demand for highly education law enforcement officers, a demand that is growing yearly. The program is an especially strong choice for those with experience in the field, offering up the 30 credits for on the job experience.

Portland State University: Bachelor in Criminal Justice and Criminology

Executive Summary: Portland State University was founded in 1946 and is an internationally recognized university with a reputation for excellence in student learning. Over 25,000 students study at Portland State University both on campus and online.

Tuition: Tuition at Portland State is very affordable at just $255.00 per credit toward an online Criminal Justice Degree.

Unique Features: Portland State University has been recognized as one of’s “Best Buys” for online degree programs. The Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology offers a comprehensive program featuring study of prevention, enforcement and the justice system as well as punishment, corrections, and rehabilitation and is an excellent choice for students wishing to earn an online Criminal Justice Degree.

Florida International University: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Executive Summary: Florida International University is dedicated to providing high quality education to students of disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds. FIU boasts over 180 academic programs and is one of the 25 largest public universities in the country.

Tuition: Tuition at FIU for Florida residents is $201.66 per credit. Non-residents pay $614.96 per credit, and online students are also subject to an added distance learning fee.

Unique Features: A stunning 96% of FIU’s faculty hold doctorates, meaning that whatever your program, your instructors have a comprehensive understanding of your subject. FIU has a tradition of cultural diversity that is reflected in its ethnic demographic numbers; 61% hispanic, 15% white non-hispanic, 13% black, 4% Asian/Pacific Islander, and 7% other.

University of North Carolina: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Executive Summary: Founded in 1789, UNC is the oldest public university in the country. UNC is actually the only public university to have graduated students in the 18th century. Not only is the university old, it has also been well regarded as one of the top public universities in the country throughout its long history.

Tuition: Full time tuition for residents is $7,694, Full time tuition for non-residents is $28,446

Unique Features: Criminal Justice majors at UNC can choose from four concentrations ensuring that the student receives an education customized to their needs. The concentrations are Law Enforcement, Computer Forensics, Corrections, and Juvenile Justice.

Drexel University: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Executive Summary: Drexel University is of exceptionally high quality and has a strong reputation for excellence in every field. This is reflected in the comprehensive approach Drexel takes to the criminal justice program. Students graduating from this online Criminal Justice Degree program will understand not only criminology, the study of crime and criminal behavior, but the inner workings of the justice and corrections system, as well as the administrative side of the job.

Tuition: New matriculated students get a 40% discount off Drexel’s normal rate of $680.00 per credit, putting the tuition for new students at $408 per credit toward their online Criminal Justice Degree.

Unique Features: The Drexel online program is currently only available on a part time basis. The emphasis is on providing an opportunity for working professionals to earn their degree while not having to miss work.

Pennsylvania State University: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Executive Summary: Pennsylvania State University is one of the most recognizable names in public sector higher education. Penn State has a long history of distance education; it founded one of the nation’s first correspondence courses in 1892 and began offering online courses as early as 1998, before any other big name university.

Tuition: Tuition for full time (12+ credits per semester) students at Penn State is a flat rate of $6,751; part time tuition is $542.00 per credit toward an online Criminal Justice Degree.

Unique Features: Penn State’ distance programs have a strong historical foundation of convenience, flexibility and quality. They have a caring, dedicated, world class faculty tasked with providing one of the best distance education experiences available on the market.

University of Texas at Brownsville: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Executive Summary: A relatively new University (its first facility opened in 1997) UTB has grown fast and has quickly become known as an institution that provides students with a high quality, modern education.

Tuition: Resident tuition is $155.95 per credit, non-resident is 506.95 per credit toward an online Criminal Justice Degree.

Unique Features: The online Criminal Justice Degree program offered here is a completion program designed for people that already have their general education requirements out of the way. In this economy this is a very strong option because students can get the general education credits at community colleges for an extremely affordable price, then transfer and finish their bachelor’s degree, coming out of the process with less debt, and a reputable bachelor’s degree.

University of Wisconsin Platteville: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Executive Summary: The University of Wisconsin Platteville’s 150 year history is built on academic excellence, and now this traditional institution is bringing that excellence to students far and wide via the internet.

Tuition: Tuition for the online Criminal Justice Degree program at the University of Wisconsin is $370 per credit.

Unique Features: Criminal Justice is one of the three programs for which this university is best known. The distance learning education program is devoted to providing the highest quality of education for those whose life situations will not allow them to attend regular classes. There is a significant amount of age diversity, with the average student age being 34. The school has students from their mid to late 20s, up through retirees with 35 years of work experience.

Post University: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Executive Summary: Post University’s rich educational history began at its founding in 1890. Post is a career driven university committed to providing students with the education necessary to become leaders in their respective fields. Boasting a 15:1 student/faculty ratio, the level of personal attention and instruction is among the best available, especially among schools that offer both online and traditional courses.

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Tuition: Tuition for Post’s online Criminal Justice Degree is $525 per credit.

Unique Features: The small classes are taught by faculty with advanced degrees and extensive real world experience, ensuring that students will learn the profession from the professionals. The program is highly interactive and focused on helping the students develop the necessary skills to succeed. Students can also transfer up to 90 qualified credits into the online Criminal Justice Degree program.