Criminal Justice Major in California

Criminal Justice Major in CaliforniaIt makes sense to become a criminal justice major in California, as there are several strong programs in the state. A criminal justice program is typically geared toward educating students about the laws that command behaviors considered criminal. Programs generally emphasize the significance of justice and a fair trial, even in the most horrific of cases. Students are invited to learn about the laws that govern the nation and how they apply to specific circumstances. When immersed in a Criminal Justice Major programs, students will take courses that discuss laws, rights, psychology, history, sociology, and ethics. There are both two and four year degree programs readily available throughout California. Many criminal justice students go on to become police officers, lawyers, private investigators and detectives. Some even choose to work with the FBI or CIA. Students interested in these careers will benefit from this program, but these aspects of the law are also essential to know as a citizen of the country.

Details of the Criminal Justice Major in California

When it comes to the Criminal Justice Major in California, it is important to look at quality, price, coursework and whether or not the school is accredited. Some students may look forward to discovering the best online California criminal justice programs in an effort to receive a degree while raising a family or working full-time.

University of California in Irvine is one of the top schools for a Criminal Justice Major in California. It offers four year degrees, graduate degrees and certifications. Students will be pleased to find that they can continue on to obtain a PhD or master’s degree. The master’s program is also offered online for distance students. The university focuses on the research aspects of criminology and seeks to uncover the causes and consequences of criminal behavior. Students will also learn methods of controlling it and managing interactions. The fees for the Criminology, Law and Society program are about $14,000 per year.

California State University of Sacramento is another school with a strong criminal justice major, available for both undergraduate and graduate students. The bachelor’s program is available online. Tuition depends on the student’s status and number of credits. Full-time undergraduates may pay about $3,000 a year in school fees.

Financial Aid and Scholarships for the Criminal Justice Major in California

California students are fortunate in that the state puts forward a certain amount of money to pay for student tuition. Though scholarships are available for the students who apply, many students are eligible to receive Cal Grants. These grants are handed out by the California Student Aid Commission and allow undergraduate, vocational and teaching certification students to obtain needed education. Requirements to become eligible for the program include a completed FAFSA, a verified grade point average and demonstrated financial need. Students must also have a family income below an established number. For some students, these Cal Grants may cover $10,000 in tuition each year, depending on the school and type of program. Students who are not eligible for Cal Grants can still sign up to receive loans, Pell grants and scholarships. There is no reason a criminal justice major in California should be unable to afford to complete a degree program.