Criminal Justice Major in Georgia

Criminal Justice Major in GeorgiaCriminal Justice is a growing field with a variety of opportunities, and a Criminal Justice major in Georgia can provide you with the skills, knowledge, theoretical and practical experience you need to pursue a career in law enforcement and corrections. Possible Criminal Justice Careers include police officer, detective, private security, forensics and even homeland security. Students with an interest in law enforcement, public service, forensics or security would find a degree in Criminal Justice to be both enjoyable and highly beneficial in their job search. Many Georgia colleges offer A.S. and B.S. degrees in Criminal Justice. Although a high school diploma is the minimum educational requirement to become a police officer, some higher education is preferred. Having a degree also leads to more advancement opportunities.

Details of the Criminal Justice Major in Georgia

Two highly recommended and recognized colleges that offer a Criminal Justice Major in Georgia are Georgia State University and Fort Valley State University. Georgia State University is recognized as having one of the best Georgia Criminal Justice programs. Georgia State’s program is nationally recognized and offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. degrees. The faculty at Georgia State has been part of the driving force behind initiatives such as the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange, the International Law Enforcement Enterprise, and the Crime & Violence Prevention Policy Initiative. Some faculty members are published contributors to two well-known scholarly journals – Criminal Justice Review and International Criminal Justice Review. Tuition for Georgia residents is approximately $10,000 per year. Fort Valley State University offers one of the best online Georgia Criminal Justice programs. You can earn your B.A. in Criminal Justice from home. Fort Valley’s program emphasizes three main areas of study: law enforcement, courts, and corrections. Students take courses in government, history, ethics, psychology and criminal justice. You can also earn your A.S. on campus. There is no online program for the two year degree. Tuition for Georgia residents is approximately $6,000 per year.

Financial Aid and Scholarships for the Criminal Justice Major in Georgia

Both universities offer a variety of financial aid, scholarships, and grants to off-set the cost of education. Fort Valley State University offers scholarships based on GPA, SAT scores, and community service such as the Presidential Scholarship, the Pathway Grant and James H. Porter Scholarship. Awards vary between $500 and $1,500 per semester. Georgia University offers scholarships tailored to meet the needs of incoming freshman, transfer students and honors students. Entering freshman can apply for the Atlanta Hawks Foundation Scholarship if they have a good GPA and have demonstrated community service or other good citizenship activities. Transfer students who transfer from another state can apply for the Campus Atlanta Scholarship which reduces out-of-state tuition rates. Transfer students can also apply for the Alumni Association Transfer Student Scholarship which grants scholarships to students with high GPA’s. Both universities also award the Georgia State Grant to students in need. These two universities are great choices to consider if you want to pursue a Criminal Justice major in Georgia.