Jobs for Criminal Justice Majors

Jobs for criminal justice majorsUpon graduating, students will find that there are many jobs for criminal justice majors available. Criminal justice degree programs focus on the social and legal aspects of crime. Students who pursue careers in criminal justice often graduate from an accredited school with a solid reputation and high ranking. They want to see that they have made a good choice in school and hope to find a career quickly. In earning a degree as a criminal justice major, students will learn skills that will not only benefit society but may also influence the course of justice. Sam Houston State University has been awarded one of the top schools for criminology in the country. The University of California in Irvine is also highly ranked for its course availability.

Popular Jobs for Criminal Justice Majors

Following are some of the most popular jobs for criminal justice majors and their associated average salaries:

Correctional Officer

Correctional officers work in prisons, juvenile detention centers and jails providing security for and against prisoners. These are the officers who prevent prisoners from escaping and fighting. Because correctional officers deal with prisoners daily for long periods of time, it can be a stressful career. A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice is required to work in federal prisons where officers may earn about $50,000 a year; smaller institutions have fewer requirements and may offer a lower salary.

Court Reporter

Court reporters are responsible for providing verbatim records, transcripts and notes of trials and other legal proceedings. These reporters are required to familiarize themselves with essential technology, from audio equipment to stenograph machines. Most court reporters begin with at least an associate’s degree and the ability to transcribe quickly. Some states may require additional certification. Court reporters may earn about $49,000 per year and the essential nature of the position leaves it open for further growth.

Crime Scene Examination Specialist (or Crime Scene Investigator)

Some students find allure in a position as a crime scene examination specialist, because this position is often featured in crime shows and movies. The job of this specialist is to sort through potentially gory crime scenes in order to find evidence and put together the pieces of a puzzle. While some scenes may be robberies or traffic accidents, examiners may also find themselves collecting DNA evidence after a homicide. The average salary for this position is typically $48,000 a year, and the challenging aspect of this career makes it one of the most sought after jobs for criminal justice majors.

Jobs for criminal justice majors can be quite interesting, rewarding and lucrative, and finding the best school at which to earn a criminal justice degree is a good idea in order to have career success.